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Whether you're beginning a college thesis or searching for a new toaster, Researching Online For Dummies, 2nd Edition, is your key to finding the information you need -- online and anytime. This book helps you develop a multitiered research strategy using keywords and index terms to dive deep into the sources found on the Web... * Explore the mental tools and online resources successful researchers rely on every day. * Take a look at the online world that goes beyond the Internet. * Familiarize yourself with search engines, indexes, quick reference aids, and other online professional services you can access from your computer. * See how Boolean searching and other power-search tips and techniques can greatly aid your research. * Apply these search techniques to real-life research situations. * Get acquainted with some of the best -- and best-hidden -- resources in important subject areas, such as news, business, technology, and government information. Researching Online For Dummies, 2nd Edition, also offers a 30-page directory dedicated to describing selected research sites, services, and other useful online resources. The book's bonus CD-ROM includes search engine help files from Northern Light and Lycos as well as demo versions of Copernic, BullsEye, and WebWhacker.

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