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People have been using herbs to fight disease and promote wellness since prehistoric times. In recent years, science has gotten into the act and amassed quite a respectable body of evidence to support what healers the world over have been saying for centuries – herbal remedies work. Experiencing the heartbreak of psoriasis? A little dandelion root can clear it up. Grandpa’s sciatica acting up again? St. John’s Wort ought to put the spring back in his step. Got a bad case of poison ivy? Stop the itch with echinacea. Ginger tames the morning sickness beast – lavender and peppermint leaf also work well. Use licorice, chamomile, and wild yam root to pacify an irritable bowel. If you’re one of the millions of people who feel let down by conventional health care, or who’ve experienced unpleasant or harmful side effects from modern medicines, Herbal Remedies For Dummies is a book you’ll want to have. Written by fourth-generation herbalist Christopher Hobbs, it gets you up to speed on what you need to know to: Choose safe and effective herbal products Treat scores of common ailments and conditions Find specific herbal remedies for women, men, and kids Grow and harvest herbs Create herbal products at home Chris clears up much of the confusion surrounding herbal medicines. He anticipates just about every question you’re likely to have about herbal medicine, and he provides concise, interesting answers laced with fascinating details from history and folklore. From alfalfa to yerba santa, he describes an array of best natural remedies, and he supplies: Easy-to-follow instructions on how to select the best herbal products A Symptom Guide – simple and easy herbal remedies for more than 80 common conditions, listed alphabetically by symptom An Aroma Guide – an A-to-Z guide to 100 easy-to-find medicinal herbs More than fifty recipes for healing teas, oils, tonics, and more This friendly, caring, and accessible introduction to the world of herbal medicine is an important resource for anyone looking for a safe, easy-to-use alternative, or supplement, to conventional medicine.

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