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Cover Art for 9781529360684, Immune by Philipp Dettmer
Cover Art for 9780399580840, House Planted by Muñoz, Lisa

House Planted

Choosing, Growing, and Styling the Perfect Plants for Your Space

by Muñoz, Lisa

Cover Art for 9781743797891, Natural Harry by Harriet Birrell

Natural Harry

Delicious Plant-Based Summer Recipes

by Harriet Birrell

Cover Art for 9781784884338, Lazy Baking: Really Easy Sweet and Savoury Bakes by Jessica Elliott Dennison
Cover Art for 9781526615978, Gelupo Gelato: A delectable palette of ice cream recipes by Jacob Kenedy
Cover Art for 9780593135426, Cravings: All Together by Chrissy Teigen

Cravings: All Together

Recipes to Love: A Cookbook

by Chrissy Teigen

Cover Art for 9780241425435, The Man who Died Twice by Richard Osman
Cover Art for 9781400069187, Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie
Cover Art for 9781617759352, Do Something for Nothing by Joshua Coombes

Do Something for Nothing

Seeing beneath the surface of homelessness, through the simple act of a haircut

by Joshua Coombes

Cover Art for 9781743797877, QAnon and On by Van Badham

QAnon and On

A Short and Shocking History of the Internet Conspiracy Cults

by Van Badham

Cover Art for 9780262046176, How We Give Now: A Philanthropic Guide for the Rest of Us by Lucy Bernholz
Cover Art for 9781524867690, Hope is a Verb: Six steps to radical optimism when the world seems broken by Emily Ehlers
Cover Art for 9781953295590, Wallet Activism by Tanja Hester

Wallet Activism

How to Use Every Dollar You Spend, Earn, and Save as a Force for Change

by Tanja Hester