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Get the latest edition of the bestselling PC book on the planet! What better way to make friends with your new PC than with this new edition of the bestselling PC book in the world? PCs For Dummies, Windows 7 Edition explains the latest Windows operating system in a refreshingly jargon-free way that's loaded with good humor and great help. Discover how to make your PC safe for your kids, get in touch with your digital life, use flash drives, learn about green computing, and much more. Dan Gookin, author of the original DOS For Dummies, helped launch the worldwide popularity of the series; his books have been translated in 32 languages and have more than 12 million copies in print This guide gets you up to speed on the latest PC hardware and software and covers all the innovations and changes in Windows 7, all without the boring jargon Covers making your PC safe for kids, organizing your digital life, green computing, storage on memory cards and flash drives, online photo sharing, and much more Make your life easier the Dummies way with PCs For Dummies, Windows 7 Edition.

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