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Whether it’s the tang of ozone in the air just before a rainstorm, the homey smell of freshly baked bread, or the inspiring scent of roses, natural aromas are everywhere with us, influencing our moods, and informing our perceptions. But natural aromas are capable of much more. Science is just beginning to reveal how aromas affect our bodies as well as our spirits, and what once seemed far-fetched–that you can treat many common ailments with nothing more than a pleasing smell–is now being taken seriously by many in the medical community. Yes, you can smell your way to good health, and now Aromatherapy For Dummies shows you how. This down-to-earth guide takes the mystery out of essential oils and other aromatherapy tools, and shows you how pleasing scents can cure what ails you and enhance your life at home and at work. Among other things, you’ll discover how to: Safely and easily treat hundreds of common ailments Increase f ocus and concentration Relieve tension and relax Improve athletic performance Enhance romance Sniff out the right essential oils Create fragrant essences in your kitchen Under the expert guidance of one of America’s leading botanical experts, you’ll bring the wonders of aromatherapy into your own life. Kathy Keville provides clear, concise, scientifically informed explanations of how plant essences can support body, mind, and spirit. She offers common sense advice on everything from therapeutics and cosmetics to the recreational uses of essential oils. And she supplies: Easy-to-follow instructions on how to select genuine aromatherapy products Symptom Guide–simple and easy remedies for 60 common conditions, listed alphabetically by symptom Aroma Guide–an A-to-Z guide of fragrant plants used in aromatherapy More than a hundred recipes for everything from oily skin to indigestion that you can whip up at home in five minutes The world is full of natural fragrances that can help you feel better, work smarter, play harder, and relax. It’s time to get well with the healing power of smell, and now Aromatherapy For Dummies shows you how.

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