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Online investing has gone mainstream. Worldwide, thousands of investors are opening online trading accounts. Investors want to take control of their investments; stop paying full-service commissions; and research and trade securities when it’s convenient for them. Whether you are a new investor or an experienced trader, Investing Online For Dummies, 4th Edition, will guide you to Internet-based resources that can help you make better, more informed investing decisions than ever before. This fact-filled reference guide is for online investors who want to Take advantage of all the timely investment information available on the Internet. Get some work done with the Internet. (Online selecting, evaluating, and monitoring of investments can be time consuming. Online investing really is work.) Partner with the Internet in making your money work harder for you. The Internet offers an astounding amount of financial information, and Investing Online For Dummies, 4th Edition, provides clear instructions and ample illustrations so that you don’t get lost in cyberspace. With help from this guide, you can find up-to-the second stock quotes, historical financial data on public companies, professional analyses, educational materials, and more: Building your own online investment information system Using the Internet to simplify your financial planning Selecting the online brokerage that meets your individual needs Finding personalized trading platforms from major online brokerages Working with Internet tools for analyzing and selecting stocks and bonds Trading online or going wireless and paying the lowest commissions possible Keeping track of your portfolio and knowing exactly how your assets are allocated (even the holdings in your mutual funds) Discovering direct stock purchase and ShareBuilder plans that let you become an online investor for as little as $25 a month Uncovering how stock options work and determining the value of your employee stock option plan Investing Online For Dummies, 4th Edition, puts you in the driver’s seat on the information superhighway. This easy-to-use resource provides the Internet knowledge you need to get the edge on investors who rely solely on newspapers and magazines.

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