I Didn't Do The Thing Today

On letting go of productivity guilt

An antidote to our obsession with busyness, author Madeleine Dore explores the joys of releasing ourselves from the burden of productivity guilt. '...a radical masterpiece, going against society's push for productivity and happiness... Whether you have your routine down to a science or you can't wake up early to save your life, this affirming book will have plenty of wise offerings, and a reminder that your way is the best way.' - Mari Andrew, international best-selling author of Am I There Yet? and My Inner Sky "Deep, thoughtful, gently instructive, nourishing." - Clare Bowditch, author of Your Own Kind Of Girl "Read it and sigh with relief." - Hugh Mackay, author of The Kindness Revolution In the pursuit of getting things done, we try every way to optimise our days, from working 'smarter' to finding the perfect morning routine, only to keep falling short and feeling inadequate. Curious about how people navigate their days, Madeleine Dore turned to interviewing hundreds of creative thinkers and experts to find the secret to productivity. What she discovered instead was far more enriching: there is more to value in each day than what we do - or don't do. I Didn't Do the Thing Today is the antidote to our doing-obsession. Madeleine explores the stumbles of productivity guilt, including comparison, perfectionism and indecision, and encourages us to focus less on our 'to do' list and more on stepping fully into every moment of our lives. For anyone who has ever thought they had to do more to do better, be better, be enough, I Didn't Do the Thing Today is an inspiring call to take productivity off its pedestal and find more connection, creativity, and contentment in its place.

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