The Power of Human Resources.: For the Best Working Environment

Cover Art for 9781999720490, The Power of Human Resources.: For the Best Working Environment by Stelian Butusina
ISBN: 9781999720490
Publisher: Anixe Publishing Ltd
Published: 1 November, 2019
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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Unlock your true potential at work and in your daily life!

An inspirational guide to harmony and work-life balance

We've read so many articles about "thinking positive" or "living life." Every one of us has sets of obligations; a job, a family, social commitments etcetera. So how do we begin? What are the first steps that will make you soar?

There are many complicated systems of thought using various degrees of scientific terminology, all with the purpose of making you a better person. But what about what you want? And what if you can't spend the time, the effort or have the willpower to bear all those complicated systems?

There is a simple way to find your true self, to unlock your power, your abilities. If you're tired of thick books that go on and on, or fake cheerful movie-like expositions, then look no further. This one cuts through the Psychobabble and grabs the essence of a happy and productive life.


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