Ship of Dreams

Cover Art for 9781842233160, Ship of Dreams by Martina Devlin
ISBN: 9781842233160
Publisher: Poolbeg Press
Published: 25 March, 2008
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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Titanic, the largest steamer in the world, founders, taking with her the lives of fifteen hundred. But what of those who escape? Nancy Armstrong, eighteen years old, pregnant and newly widowed:can she maintain her status in New York society without her husband's connections and wealth? And Louis Stubel, gentleman's secretary:does the lost ship hold the secrets of his birth and destiny?Bridie Ryan, penniless but determined: can the American Dream come true for her? And Hannah O'Brien, also pregnant, equally heartbroken:can she build a life for herself and her American child to be?Major Richmond Hudson, lonely war veteran: was the Titanic sinking really human error or the grim workings of fate? And Edmund Newton, inexperienced classics master: what use will his skills prove in the hustle and bustle of modernity? From the factory floor to film premieres, from tenements to townhouses and from impoverished rural Ireland to the top rungs of New York society all who survive the Titanic are buoyed together, struggling to keep dreams afloat amid the flotsam of tragedy.'Ship of Dreams is a wonderful story and is beautifully told' Irish Examiner'A moving novel full of love, romance, determination and inspiration' Sunday World


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