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Cover Art for 9781761265433, Bunny by S. E. Tolsen
ISBN: 9781761265433
Publisher: Macmillan Australia
Published: 30 May, 2023
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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Two eyes bore into him from across the room. They're not her eyes. They're the same colour and shape, but they're not her eyes. 'I see you.' Silas didn't have a happy childhood. Aunt Bunny made sure of that. Yet out of money and almost out of time, Silas and his girlfriend Rose are forced to return to his childhood home. Back to the darkness, back to the woods, where addiction and hedonism are disguising something much more sinister ... Plagued by strange, unnerving events, Silas is drawn back into the family by an ancient presence deep in the woods. It will not let him go, and neither will Bunny. Bunny is a haunting psychological-supernatural thriller that delves into the role that addiction plays in family dysfunction, and how it inevitably changes everyone around it. This is a chilling, page-turning tale about love conquering most ... but not all.


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