The Vitals

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Cover Art for 9781761261626, The Vitals by Tracy Sorensen
ISBN: 9781761261626
Publisher: Picador Australia
Published: 25 July, 2023 , in about 2 months
Format: Trade Paperback
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Deep inside Tracy's body live the organs of the peritoneal cavity. Ute, a wandering womb. Rage, an existential spleen. Gaster, a gleeful gorger. Liv, a workaholic liver. But there is also Baby, an ever-growing tumour. Together, the organs must fight for homeostasis ... and Tracy's survival. The Vitals is Tracy Sorensen's cancer memoir transformed by imagination into something far richer and stranger. Narrated by her internal organs, it will make you infinitely more aware of the peculiar world inside your body and discover all the hidden parts that make you human. 'Tracy Sorensen's The Vitals is the most original book about cancer ever written. Don't worry about cancer being "icky"; this is a page-turning tale full of intelligence, humour and insight.' - Nick Horne, editor of Donald Horne: Selected writings


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