With Love, Chaos and Rigatoni: P Mami's Guide to the Good Life

P Mami's Guide to the Good Life

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Cover Art for 9781761049880, With Love, Chaos and Rigatoni: P Mami's Guide to the Good Life by Holmes, Jenna
ISBN: 9781761049880
Published: 10 October, 2023 , in 15 days
Format: Paperback
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Discover la dolce vita with P Mami's nine principles for a pleasure-filled, colourful life of love, creativity - and pasta. Jenna Holmes, known affectionately by her community as P Mami, has cultivated a lifestyle centred around extracting the most pleasure from the simplest of things. The ones readily available to us if we just open our eyes- a perfectly juicy peach, an ocean swim on a hot day, a salted margarita rim, a hyena laugh with a friend. With her trademark infectious energy, in this book Jenna shares the nine core principles that guide all the decisions she makes - big and small - to build the most creative and inspired life possible. It's a rollercoaster, no doubt, and with the pleasure, passion and purpose comes some pain, too. But there's always a rainbow in every cloud, and a plate of hot pasta to be found. With Love, Chaos and Rigatoni is a delightful quest through stories, lessons, travel tips and recipes - an invigorating invitation to locate your inner zing, P Mami-style.


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