The Matchmaker

Cover Art for 9781761044694, The Matchmaker by Saman Shad
ISBN: 9781761044694
Publisher: Viking
Published: 31 January, 2023
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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Sparks will fly when a desi matchmaker and a self-confessed 'coconut' meet in this glittering romantic comedy about love, marriage and mistaking your own identity.; Matchmaking is easy. Falling in love on the other hand ...;;Saima knows that she's a great matchmaker. She has the weekly wedding invitations to prove it. So why has her community started turning against her? ;;The desi community in Sydney has eyes, ears and mouths everywhere, and Saima's feeling firsthand the impact gossip can have. Too modern, too focused on compatibility instead of class and everything else that's meant to matter. ; ;She's about to pack it all up and move back in with her Ammy when an eligible bachelor's wealthy parents show up at her door. They're offering the biggest payday she's had in years, but there's a catch- she has to convince their son to accept her services without letting on that it's his parents pulling the strings. ; ;Kal is handsome, successful and starting to worry about his path in life. What does it mean to be a third culture kid? When a woman falls into his life challenging everything he thought he knew about heritage, life and love, it might be the answer he's been searching for. ; ;But Saima wrote off love a long time ago - has she hardened her heart too much to see what's right in front of her? ; ;Can a matchmaker recognise a perfect match?;;


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