Days of Innocence and Wonder

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Cover Art for 9781760982737, Days of Innocence and Wonder by Lucy Treloar
ISBN: 9781760982737
Publisher: Picador Australia
Published: 31 October, 2023 , in about 1 month
Format: Trade Paperback
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For all her life, Till, now twenty-three, has lived in the shadow of the abduction of a childhood friend, and her tormented half-wondering about whether she might have been able to stop it. Finally, at the age of twenty-three, Till flees her past and the hovering presence of her fearful parents. In Wirowie, a town that's on its knees, she stops and slowly begins creating a new home, rebuilding an abandoned railway station. But there is danger here too, and Till must ultimately decide whether she can turn from her fear-filled past and face down, even pursue, the darkness that suddenly looms so near - or whether she'll flee once more and never stop running. Both a reckoning with fear and a recognition of the power of belonging, Days of Innocence and Wonder is a richly textured, deeply felt new novel from one of Australia's finest writers.


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