Tell Me an Ending

A New York Times sci-fi book of the year

Cover Art for 9781529151381, Tell Me an Ending by Jo Harkin
ISBN: 9781529151381
Published: 17 May, 2022
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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A sharp, explosive and devastating story about the power and danger of memory. What if you didn't have to live with your mistakes? Across the world, four people receive an email saying they can have restored a memory they'd had erased. Of course, they don't remember having it removed and the mere knowledge that they've hidden something from themselves sends at first a ripple, and then a riptide, through their lives. For Mei, William, Oscar and Finn there is a piece missing, but they're not sure what. And each of them must decide if the truth is worth the pain of discovery, or better left unknown. For Noor, who works at the memory clinic Nepenthe, the process of reinstating their patients' memories begins to shake the moral foundations of her world. As she delves deeper into architecture of the programme, she will have to risk everything to uncover the true human cost of this miraculous technology. But who among us has never felt the burning sense of a sorrow we cannot decipher, a secret we cannot reach, or a suspicion that we do not belong? Tell Me An Ending is a sharp, explosive and devastating story about the power and danger of memory.


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