Feng Shui Modern

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ISBN: 9781526639998
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Published: 22 February, 2022
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
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In an increasingly cramped world, a modern guide to opening up your living space – and your life – using the ancient principles of feng shui. How do you place a bed in an awkward room? How can your space help you be more focused and more productive? How do you set up your room to make you ready for romantic love? Our homes have an outsized impact on our wellbeing, so answering these questions is more important than ever.Luckily, interior design expert and TikTok sensation Cliff Tan is here to help! Cliff has become an internet sensation with his videos demonstrating the principles of feng shui from chi (energy) to the command position – and he has put his wisdom into a book for the first time. In Feng Shui Modern, Cliff explains the concepts of feng shui and then uses expert tips and practical diagrams to show – room by room – how our own styles, colour palettes and furniture can be used to maximise any environment.More importantly, Cliff gives you the tools to apply feng shui yourself, whether you live in a dorm or a five-bedroom house. As long as you understand the logic, there is no room too challenging, no problem feng shui can't unravel.From choosing a home to redecorating old rooms, Feng Shui Modern helps us find harmony in the every facet of our lives – beginning with where we live them. So now you know!


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