The Routledge Atlas of British History

5th Edition (Routledge Historical Atlases)

Cover Art for 9780415608763, The Routledge Atlas of British History by Martin Gilbert
ISBN: 9780415608763
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Published: 27 April, 2011
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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This thoroughly updated Atlas charts the changing story of the British Isles from the eve of the Roman conquest to the aftermath of the 2010 general election. It covers England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales - and the expansion and gradual disintegration of Britain's overseas empire.

The key themes covered are

Politics: from the Saxon kingdoms to the Jacobites, electoral reform through the centuries, the expanded European Union, devolved government in Wales and Scotland and the political challenges of 2010.

War and Conflict - from Viking attacks and the Norman Invasion to the Spanish Armada, two World Wars and the end of empire, and today's Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq War

Trade and Industry - from the post-Norman economy and Tudor trade to industrial unrest and the opening of international trade routes, imports and exports, arms sales

Religion - from the Saxon Church to the Reformation to modern times

Society and Economics - from civilian life in Roman Britain to the Industrial and Agricultural revolutions, the General Strike and the growth of universities, unemployment, homelessness, government expenditure, overseas aid

Immigration - the growth of immigrant communities, and the wide range of countries from which immigrants came and how that is changing in contemporary Britain.

This is an accessible and vivid guide to the history of Britain that engages with the most important conetmporary issues written by a leading historian.

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