We Who Wrestle With God

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Cover Art for 9780241619636, We Who Wrestle With God by Peterson, Jordan B.
ISBN: 9780241619636
Publisher: Allen Lane
Published: 19 November, 2024 , in 4 months
Format: Paperback
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From renowned psychologist and author of 12 Rules for Life and Beyond Order, a re-telling of the stories of the Hebrew Bible's most consequential prophets and patriarchs, warning that we ignore their lessons to our great peril. What can we learn about living a good life today from the plight of the prophet Elijah, the tragedy of the prophet Jonah, the disobedience Adam and Eve, the rivalry of Cain and Abel, or the laws of Moses? In this bold book, Peterson shows how history's longest-enduring tradition explains the darkest evils of the twentieth century, and holds the keys to our redemption. In a time of secular self-worship, We Who Wrestle with God offers a captivating portrait of the Old Testament's most consequential figures. In its pages, you will follow these prophets and patriarchs through creation, tragedy, hell, and victory. Peterson extracts fascinating lessons from his characters' plights-Jonah's sentence to three days in the belly of a whale, Elijah's wandering alone in the desert, Jacob's tricks on his brother Esau-leaving readers with a new resolve to pick up the cross that's been handed to them. Or suffer the consequences. Journeying broadly through history and the human subconscious, We Who Wrestle With God is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand our world, and what comes next.

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