Inventing the Individual

The Origins of Western Liberalism

Cover Art for 9780141009544, Inventing the Individual by Larry Siedentop
ISBN: 9780141009544
Publisher: Penguin
Published: 29 January, 2015
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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Where do the ideas on which modern western states are built - equality and individual freedom - really come from? What does 'liberalism' mean? Why does it matter? Larry Siedentop's sweeping history offers a radical new perspective on the surprising origins of the beliefs that made us who we are. 'One of the most stimulating books of political theory to have appeared in many years . . . ' John Gray, Literary Review 'Magisterial, timeless, beautifully written . . . Siedentop has achieved something quite extraordinary. He has explained us to ourselves.' Douglas Murray, Spectator 'A brave, brilliant and beautifully written defence of the western tradition.' Paul Lay, History Today 'An engrossing book of ideas . . . illuminating, beautifully written and rigorously argued.' Kenan Malik, Independent


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