All That's Left Unsaid

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Cover Art for 9780008511890, All That’s Left Unsaid by Tracey Lien
ISBN: 9780008547073
Publisher: HQ Fiction GB
Published: 30 August, 2022
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Links Harper Collins
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There were a dozen witnesses to Denny Tran's brutal murder in a busy Sydney restaurant. So how come no one saw anything? This unflinching, deeply moving debut is both heart-stopping thriller and complex exploration of the intricate bonds and obligations of friendship, family, culture and community, combining the sharp observation of Kiley Reid's Such a Fun Age with the compassion and insight of Trent Dalton's Boy Swallows Universe. Just let him go. These are the words Ky Tran will regret forever. The words she spoke when her parents asked if they should let her younger brother Denny out to celebrate his high school graduation. That night in 1996, Denny–optimistic, guileless, brilliant Denny–is brutally murdered inside a busy restaurant in Cabramatta, a Sydney suburb facing violent crime, an indifferent police force, and the worst heroin epidemic in Australian history. Returning home for the funeral, Ky learns that the police are stumped by the case: a dozen people were at Lucky 8 restaurant when Denny died, but each of the bystanders claim to have seen nothing. As an antidote to grief and guilt, Ky is determined to track down the witnesses herself. With each encounter, she peels back another layer of the place that shaped her and Denny, exposing trauma and seeds of violence that were planted well before that fateful celebration dinner: by colonialism, by the war in Vietnam, and by the choices they've all made to survive. Tracey Lien's extraordinary debut is at once heart-pounding and heart-rending as it pulls apart the intricate bonds of friendship, family, culture and community that produced a devastating crime. Combining evocative family drama and gripping suspense, All That's Left Unsaid is both a study of the effects of inherited trauma and social discrimination, and a compulsively readable literary thriller that expertly holds the reader in its grip until the final page.


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