The Demon Code

Joe Mason

Cover Art for 9780008538903, The Demon Code by David Leadbeater
ISBN: 9780008538903
Publisher: Avon
Published: 30 November, 2022
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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An impossible heist. An ancient code. A deadly race against time… High in the Italian alps, cut off from the outside world, sits a chapel battered by winds and icy blizzards. The priests who guard this sacred place have sworn to protect the dangerous treasure that lies within their walls. But when Joe Mason and his team are called to the remote church, they find its ancient stones reduced to rubble, the priests murdered in cold blood and their precious cargo stolen. As Mason pursues the thieves across continents and dangerous waters, he wonders what incredible secret the priests laid down their lives for… And if he can recover it before it claims more innocent victims, and brings the downfall of civilisation as we know it… An edge-of-your-seat, action packed blockbuster adventure that will leave you breathless. Fans of Jack Reacher and Dan Brown will be hooked from the very first page. Readers are gripped by David Leadbeater: ‘Loved it… A fast-paced, adventure-packed, non-stop fight for survival, balanced with a great team dynamic of real characters' Goodreads review, ‘Action-packed, fast-paced and filled with adventuring… Great characters too!' Goodreads review, ‘Amazing rollercoaster ride of mayhem and adventure, David you just get better and better' Goodreads review, ‘Action, history, fun characters and lots of exciting adventures. You have to love it' Goodreads review, ‘Buckle up… Adventure that will be impossible to put down til the very end' Goodreads review, ‘A thrilling and dangerous adventure' Goodreads review, ‘Wild rollercoaster ride if was up and down and round and round' Goodreads review, ‘Filled with memorable characters. Everything that makes an action novel worth reading. I highly recommend' Goodreads review, ‘Thrilling from the beginning to the end' Goodreads review,

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