Understanding Nutrition

Building upon Ellie Whitney and Sharon Rady Rolfes' classic text, this third Australian and New Zealand edition of Understanding Nutrition is a practical and engaging introduction to the core principles of nutrition. A thorough introductory guide, this text will equip students with the kwledge and skills required to optimise health and wellbeing. With its focus on Australia and New Zealand, the text incorporates current nutrition guidelines, recommendations and public health nutrition issues relevant to those studying and working in nutrition in this region of the world. The text begins with core nutrition topics, such as diet planning, macronutrients, vitamins and minerals, and follows with chapters on diet and health, fitness, life span nutrition and food safety. Praised for its consistent level and readability, careful explanations of all key topics (including energy metabolism and other complex processes), this is a book that connects with students, engaging them as it teaches them the basic concepts and applications of nutrition.

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