The Summer Place

As three women return to the summer place of their youth, each is grappling with the cards life has dealt them. But the journey back to this sleepy coastal town will bring them to far more than just a beach wedding. Erin, still recovering from a vehicle accident and grievous injuries, is the reluctant maid of honour. Wearing a dress that shows her scars for all to see is the last thing she wants. Years ago, Jenna fell in love with the groom at his family's treasured holiday spot. Will seeing him marry someone else finally allow her to get over him? Cassie, now living in Barcelona and recently widowed, is desperate for a new lease on life. The invitation to return to Australia for the wedding will give her a much-needed break - and more than she bargained for. As the trio find themselves in a place that reminds them of what they've lost, they will be deeply confronted by paths they don't wish to travel down. Emotions run high as each of the women face a crossroad, yet they will find that the place at the coast offers all of them a chance to learn to heal, love and belong ... PRAISE FOR THE SUMMER PLACE Warmth and heart shine from the pages of The Summer Place. Who doesn't love a novel set around a wedding with all the drama and emotion that involves? This is the feel-good novel we all need right now. - Rachael Johns Clever, quirky and satisfying. Janette Paul takes women's fiction and squeezes your heart. - Fiona McArthur Janette Paul's writing is wonderfully evocative. I felt the sun in my face and the sand between my toes - I wanted it to be my summer place. - Meredith Appleyard

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