It's Not Always Right to Be Right

And Other Hard-won Leadership Lessons

In their minds, there is always a winner and there is always a loser. Deep down, very few of us like these people. And yet, often we work for them, we work with them and perhaps we even identify as one of them. At times, I have been that person. It does not make me proud. True success comes from humility, compromise and connection. As a former Regional President and Global brand head for Mars Incorporated (UK, Australia and Chicago), a senior marketer for Reebok International (England and the Netherlands) and a fresh-faced account executive in the London advertising scene, Hamish Thomson reveals that breakthrough and transformation come not from intellect or technical mastery, but from experience and observation of real-life occurrences. And sometimes the best solutions are the most counterintuitive. It's Not Always Right to be Right offers learning messages, practical steps, and shareable strategic frameworks to help drive change in individuals, teams and entire organisations, Including commentary and critique from 17 leading international business experts-leaders of global industry, diplomacy and advocacy-this seminal guide offers applicable lessons, robustly tested. Whether you're just starting out in the business and corporate world, in the middle of your career looking to break through, or in a global leadership position seeking meaningful change and exceptionalism, this guidebook will put you on the path to true business and personal success. Book jacket.

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