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Fully Human

A mother of small children avoids a murderer in broad daylight. A young dad is able to grieve for his lost baby - using a song. And it saves his marriage. What if there were parts of our minds which we never use, but if awakened, could make us so much happier, connected and alive? What if awakening those parts could finally solve the conflicts and sufferings we all go through? From the cutting edge, where therapy meets neuroscience, world-renowned author, psychotherapist and educator Steve Biddulph shows us how to reach into the deep feelings beneath our feelings, and how doing so can guide us to a more awake and free way of living every minute of our lives. In Fully Human, Steve Biddulph guides us through the four-storey mansion of our unexplored mind, with tips on how to open each level up to the sunlight, allowing us to live equally in all its beautiful rooms. Drawing on deeply personal stories from his own life, as well as those of his clients, and from the frontiers of thinking about how the brain works with the body, this culmination of a life's work uncovers how we can all be more alive, more connected. More Fully Human. From the bestselling Australian author of Raising Boys.

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Details Published Fomat New Used
Cover Art for 9781760789770, Fully Human by Steve Biddulph, Shaaron Biddulph
Fully Human
May, 2021 Paperback $27.78 Click to Check
Cover Art for B08X8Q7FLD, Fully Human: A new way of using your mind by Steve Biddulph, Shaaron Biddulph
Fully Human: A new way of using your mind
May, 2021 Unknown Click to Check Click to Check

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