The Story of Climate Change

A First Book about How We Can Help Save Our Planet

The Story of Climate Change is a wonderful way to introduce young readers to one of the most important issues facing our world today. Combining history with science, this book charts the changes in our Earth's climate, from the beginnings of the planet and its atmosphere, to the Industrial revolution and the dawn of machinery. Kids will learn all about the causes of climate change, such as factory farming and pollution, and the effects that climate change has on humans and animals across the world. As well as discovering the causes and effects of global warming, readers will discover practical ways we can work together to solve it, from using renewable energy to swapping meat for vegetables in our diet. With fact-packed text by Catherine Barr and vibrant illustrations by Amy Husband and Mike Love, The Story of Climate Change will give kids the information they need and inspire them to do their part to fight the climate emergency!

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Mar, 2021
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