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Useful Delusions

The Power and Paradox of the Self–Deceiving Brain

Psychology, Nonfiction

Everyone agrees that lies and self-deception can do terrible harm to our lives, to our communities, and to the planet. But in Useful Delusions, host of?Hidden Brain?Shankar Vedantam argues that, paradoxically, deceiving ourselves and others can also play a vital role in human success and well-being. The lies we tell each other and the lies that we tell ourselves sustain our daily interactions with friends, lovers, and coworkers. They explain why some people live longer than others, why some couples remain in love and others don't, why some nations and tribes hold together while others splinter. Filled with powerful personal stories and drawing on new insights in psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy, Useful Delusions offers a fascinating tour of an upside-down world.

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Details Published Fomat New Used
Cover Art for 9780393652208, Useful Delusions by Shankar Vedantam, Bill Mesler
Useful Delusions
Apr, 2021 Hardcover $21.42 $22.63
Cover Art for 9780393652215, Useful Delusions by Shankar Vedantam
Useful Delusions
Mar, 2021 ePub $14.99 Click to Check
Cover Art for B07ZTTD4TG, Useful Delusions by Shankar Vedantam, Bill Mesler
Useful Delusions
Mar, 2021 Kindle eBook Click to Check Click to Check

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