The Alphabet Book With No Pictures

A is for "AaaaaAAAAaaA." B is for "Ba baba a-baba ba." I is for "I had a big idea, I did." And by the time you get to Z, oh what a zap-zop-zippity-zoppity, zany book you'll be reading! In this alphabet book with a difference all the fun is left to the words, not the pictures, to show kids that reading is as simple as building a tower of letters. The more letters, the more silly humour - and if anybody knows humour, it's B.J. Novak, comedian and author of the instant classic The Book With No Pictures. Here he's using his message about the wonder of words in a new way that again shows kids how much power and joy there is in reading. Even better, the book pours that power right into their eager noggins. Instead of saying "Read it again!", this time kids will be shouting "Let me read it to you again!"

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