Notes from the Larder

The Kitchen Diaries

Following on the success of "Tender" and "Ripe," this companion to the bestselling"Kitchen Diaries" is a beautiful, inspiring chronicle of a year in food from beloved food writer Nigel Slater.
Britain's foremost food writer returns with quietly passionate, idiosyncratic musings on a year in the kitchen, based on his journal entries (with titles like "Using up the leeks" and "Cheating with puff pastry") and complete with descriptions of his garden in spring, making a little bit of cheese go a long way, and his love of salad spinners. More than a diary, "Notes from the Larder" is a collection of small kitchen celebrations, be it a casual supper of warm flat breads with grilled lamb, or a quiet moment contemplating a bowl of cauliflower soup with toasted hazelnuts. With more than 250 recipes, Nigel Slater offers a glimpse into the daily inspiration behind his cooking and the pleasures of making food by hand.

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