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The Power Dome (Choose your own adventure) (#174, Choose Your Own Adventure)

Part of the series Choose Your Own Adventure

While hiking in the wooded mountains of Oregon with a friend, you come upon something that's really out-of-this-world. A glowing dome, purple and translucent, just big enough for one person. You can't contain your curiosity. But when you touch it, you fall through to another time, far in the future, when humans are kept as slaves by a menacing race of aliens. Your only chance to escape is back through the dome, but you can't get there while you're in captivity. Should you try to explain who you really are and ask for your master's mercy? Should you try to slip away and find the way back to the Power Dome on your own? Maybe you should lead a revolt and inspire all the other humans not to take it anymore. What will you do? What can you do? Read and find out.

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Booko found 1 book edition of The Power Dome (Choose your own adventure) by June Brigman (Illustrated by) and Edward Packard

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Cover Art for 9780553567434, The Power Dome (Choose your own adventure) by Edward Packard
The Power Dome (Choose your own adventure)
Aug, 1996 Paperback Being refreshed... Being refreshed...

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