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FROM THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE SHORTLISTED AUTHOR OF EVERYTHING UNDERWINNER OF THE EDGE HILL SHORT STORY PRIZE 2017'Hauntingly written and full of unabashedly, refreshingly angry women... In a year that made me furious, Daisy Johnson’s Fen was a howl I didn’t know I needed' Celeste Ng'[An] instant classic...a bold, take-no-prisoners collection situated somewhere between Angela Carter and Deborah Levy' Jeff VanderMeerThe Fen is a liminal land. Real people live their lives here. They wrestle with sex and desire, with everyday routine. But the wild is always close at hand, ready to erupt.This is a place where animals and people commingle and fuse, where curious metamorphoses take place, where myth and dark magic still linger. So here a teenager may starve herself into the shape of an eel. A house might fall in love with a girl. A woman might give birth to a, well, what?

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Details Published Format New Used
Fen by Daisy Johnson, ISBN: 9781784702106
Jun, 2017 Paperback Being refreshed... Being refreshed...
Fen by Daisy Johnson, ISBN: 9781473523647
Jun, 2016 eBook Being refreshed... Being refreshed...
Fen by Daisy Johnson, ISBN: 9781910702338
Jun, 2016 Hardcover Being refreshed... Being refreshed...

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