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A Distant Prospect

Australia promised a fresh start for Lucy Straughan and her father when they fled war-torn Ireland. Instead, Lucy was stricken by polio. Having mastered the cello during her prolonged confinement, Lucy is now fifteen, lonely and full of questions. Suddenly she is thrust into a string quartet and meets quixotic Della Sotheby, hot-headed Pim Connolly and precocious Phoebe Raye. The experience transforms each of their lives as they forge friendships and share not a few family secrets. Set against the vivd backdrop of 1920s Sydney, A Distant Prospect is an intimate, hilarious and ultimately deeply moving coming-of-age adventure told with a touch of peotry by a quintessentially Irish narrator.

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Details Published Format New Used
A Distant Prospect by Annette Young, ISBN: 9780987435101
A Distant Prospect
Dec, 2012 Paperback Being refreshed... Being refreshed...
A Distant Prospect by Annette Young, ISBN: 9780987435118
A Distant Prospect
Dec, 2012 Hardcover Being refreshed... Being refreshed...

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