Treks Not Taken

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Parody: The Final Frontier Now you can cruise the most hilarious sector of the space-time continuum, with this collection of twenty Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes not by the leading lights of the Western literary tradition: James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, Jackie Collins... Steven Boyett transports you into the sort of alternative universes and avid reader or Trekker would love: a Clancy-like realm where the Enterprise crew mobilizes to fix Captain Picard's broken watch a Heller-esque domain where you can only get out of Starfleet if you're crazy--and, if you want to get out of Starfleet, you're clearly not crazy a Collins-ish netherworld where Counselor Demanda Troi sleeps and shops her way around the galaxy a Melvillean place where Moby Trek lies in wait...and many more. Boldly go where no one has gone before with this stellar combination of high art and high comedy.

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Booko found 2 book editions of Treks Not Taken by Steven R. Boyett

May, 1999

Aug, 1996

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