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Dinosaurs are a huge subject, all right, as hundreds of huge volumes will testify. But suppose you'd like a handy little reference book on these extinct reptiles--maybe one that you could stick in your backpack or even in your pocket? This small but sturdy book from Dorling Kindersley fits the bill, with tons of information on all things relating to dinosaurs and their world. An introduction provides an overview of types of dinosaurs, discoveries, museum displays, historic periods, and dinosaur anatomy. (The anatomy section is fascinating, with comparative discussions of dinosaur heads, necks, limbs, tails, and skin. There's even a cutaway model of the insides of a dinosaur.) Information on specific types of dinosaurs follows, illustrated with drawings, fossils, skeletons, and realistic models that look like actual photos of real dinosaurs. Also included are resource and pronunciation guides, a glossary, and a complete index. Younger children who are dazzled by dinosaurs can enjoy this with an adult's help, and those in fourth grade and up will eat up these facts by themselves. A book to delight all dinosaur devotees! (With adult help, ages 5 to 8; independently, ages 9 to adult) --Marcie Bovetz

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Booko found 3 book editions of Dinosaurs by Neil Clark and William Lindsay

Apr, 1995
New: $87.37

Used: $4.12
Jan, 1995

Used: $7.69
Apr, 2003
New: $16.27

Used: $11.59

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