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Part of the series Eyewitness Books

This is a title in the Eyewitness Guides series, which combine 3-D photographs with clearly written text. This book aims to inspire readers to take a closer look at the places we live and work in, and discover why and how they are built and decorated as they are. From brushwood shelters to today's concrete jungle, tiled floors to the dome of St Pauls' Cathedral, it provides a display of the variety and beauty of buildings.

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Booko found 2 book editions of Building by Philip Wilkinson

Details Published Format New Used
Building by Philip Wilkinson, ISBN: 9780751360349
Nov, 1997 Hardcover Being refreshed... Being refreshed...
Building (Eyewitness Books) by Philip Wilkinson, ISBN: 9780679972563
Building (Eyewitness Books)
Apr, 1995 Hardcover Being refreshed... Being refreshed...

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