The Mindset

Author Rick Moore's life story can be seen as a beacon of hope to those who are caught in a world where violence and murder are part of life: the thug life. Rickey Moore, like so many others in the eyes of a cynical world, was destined for failure. He was born into a middle-class lifestyle in the late 1950s to a Mexican-American mother and an absent African-American father during a time many would consider to be the height of racism, segregation, and discrimination. Rick opens a window that allows for a unique introspect into a world where few are brave enough to enter, yet alone escape from after growing up in it. Readers will get a true feel of the world Rick describes as he takes us from his childhood into adulthood. His powerful testimony vibrantly displays God's ultimate power in taking a life caught in the rages of gang life and an oppressive upbringing, into a new creation--a life meant to bring glory to the one and only, true living God. The Mindset is presented with urban flair as the author offers up his own style and flow to preface each chapter. What's your Mindset? Rick Moore is the worship leader at New Harvest Christian Fellowship in Norwalk, California. He served in the US Navy for nearly a decade and currently resides in Norwalk, California.

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Dec, 2009

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