Paul Dolan Kilcoyle: a Manhattan novel

This book is about the important role family members play in the growth and development of a young man named Tony. The autobiographical treatise is set in Nigeria, West Africa. The country gained independence in 1960 and was eager to train young professionals for the country's rapid development. Thus, it became clear that a high quality education was the way to go. Yet there were only a limited number of places at the top secondary and postsecondary institutions. Many ambitious young men including Tony, encouraged by their families worked very hard to acquire higher education that will enable them to become part of the middle class. But each time Tony and people of his generation were reminded that they had to join the system in order to be very successful. Even after traveling to Canada to obtain a Master's degree in his chosen profession, he was still constantly reminded about his place in Nigeria. His friend reminds him of what the system is all about. Tony enjoyed his service to the nation as a member of the National Youth Service Corps. All the optimism generated by the service for clean and uncorrupted middle class, Tony's disappointment comes in the many military coups that changed many of the initial goals set at independence in 1960. But Tony is resolved to succeed and shifts to where the potential is greatest for achieving his goals and making his parents happy.

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May, 2005

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