GMAT Math Workbook

Gaining admission to a top business school is becoming harder and more competitive each year. The 2008-09 test year, for example, set a record with more than 265,000 GMAT tests administered, an 8% increase over the previous year. Today, aspiring graduate school students compete with MBA hopefuls from all over the world for limited spots offered by top schools. If graduate business school is in your future, Barron's GMAT Math Workbook gives you the help you need to excel on the test's math section and dramatically improves your chances for acceptance at a top school. Author Ender Markal reviews fundamentals of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, but most important of all, he gives special attention to the test's often-perplexing word problems, with advice on translating a problem's words into a specific equation. He also focuses on a problem type that will be new to many GMAT test takers: the data sufficiency question. Two full-length model math tests with answers are also included for further practice. This book stresses the importance of your GMAT score as a major factor in your acceptance chances into a business program. Fortunately, it's within your control to boost your GMAT score as an integral part of applying to leading schools. With the kind of preparation offered by Barron's GMAT Math Workbook, you can use the GMAT test to your advantage and present a graduate school application that stands out among many others. The GMAT is your on

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Feb, 2011

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