Without Remorse

#1 Jack Ryan Universe

Tom Clancy Takes Us Back To A Formative Episode In The Life Of John Kelly, A Character Familiar To His Many Readers As Cia Legend Mr Clark, In His Seventh No 1 Bestselling Thriller Now Reissued With A New Cover. It Is 1970. Back In The Us After Serving As A Navy Seal In Vietnam, John Kelly Meets A Woman Who Will Change His Life Forever. She Has Recently Escaped From A Nightmare World Of Unimaginable Suffering, Yet Before They Can Plan A Future Together, The Horrors Of Her Past Reach Out To Snatch Her From Him. Kelly Vows To Gain Revenge But Finds There Are Others Who Have Need Of His Deadly Skills. In Washington A High-Risk Operation Is Being Planned To Rescue A Key Group Of Prisoners From A Pow Camp Deep Within North Vietnam. Kelly Has His Own Mission; The Pentagon Want Him For Theirs. As He Attempts To Juggle The Two, He Must Step Into A Netherworld As Perilous As Any He Has Ever Known From Which He May Never Return&

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