Atlas of Pelvic Anatomy and Gynecologic Surgery

The New Edition of this one-of-a-kind atlas uses over 1,950 illustrations (1,450 in full color) to masterfully illustrate everything from anatomy and surgical geography to complex gynecologic techniques. It combines detailed pelvic anatomy (shown in photographs of fixed and fresh cadaver dissections) with to-the-point descriptive text to comprehensively cover the full spectrum of surgical procedures. This groundbreaking atlas offers you the most realistic depiction of operative techniques...short of being in the OR! Presents superb half-tone drawings and full-color photographs-with concise descriptions and detailed you can follow each procedure step by step. Provides realistic depiction of surgical geography using color photographs of pelvic cadaver anatomy. Uses serial color photographs to depict actual surgical procedures. Offers complete coverage of conventional as well as endoscopic surgeries, including cystoscopy and operative laparoscopy. Features 22 new chapters. (See TOC for full listing) Includes a brand-new section Hysteroscopy Surgery that discusses hysteroscopic instrumentation · hysteroscopic indications and techniques · removal of uterine septum · ablation techniques · resection of submucous myoma · complications of hysteroscopic surgery. Introduces a new unit Additional Procedures that includes three new sections-The Breast · Bowel Surgery · and Trophoblastic Disease. Presents 500 new figures.

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