Guinness World Records 2001

Searching for the name of the most tattooed woman, or in desperate need of knowing which NFL team has accomplished the highest number of consecutive wins? As always, the Guinness Book of World Records is the prime source of such top-ranked trivia, and this fancy edition for 2001 is no exception. With its large, hardcover format, bright colors, numerous photos, and quality print job, this book deserves a permanent home on your coffee table. Divided into color-coded sections such as crime, gadgets, spacecraft, weather, sports, and the ever-fascinating human body, you'll find everything from the bestselling hip-hop album (CrazySexyCool by TLC) to the rarest living creature (an Abingdon Island giant tortoise by the name of Lonesome George). Fun high-tech categories include most-visited Web sites (, fastest-selling PC game (Myst), and fastest-spreading worm (the dreaded "I love you"). Showcasing some of mankind's proudest achievements, the two pages devoted to robots present us the slightly absurd "most cocktails mixed by a robot," accomplished by Cynthia and Rastus from Cynthia's Cyberbar, along with many more-practical successes. Young and ambitious readers will find one short section especially inspiring. At the back of the book, specific instructions tell you how to go about setting your own world record, including contact information, guidelines, and suggestions on how to prevail without becoming a world-class athlete or permanently a

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Sep, 2000

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