Drama Free

Unhealthy family relationships are the most common type of unhealthy relationship. In her work with clients, Nedra Glover Tawwab has witnessed all sorts of family relationship issues. She's observed that people tend to take what they learn in their families - enmeshment, drama reenacting, stone-walling, codependency, boundary violations, and more - and repeat those unhealthy patterns throughout their connections with others. Family relationships set the tone for how we operate in other outside relationships, including friendships and romantic relationships, and have a tremendous impact on our wellbeing. Building on the boundary work that Nedra set forth in her bestselling book, Set Boundaries, Find Peace, and drilling deeper into the family dynamics that keep us stuck, Break Free from Family Drama is the book for navigating family in the modern age. In simple, relatable terms, Nedra addresses how to better manage dysfunctional family relationships and how to sever ties when those relationships become unmanageable. Inviting, timely, and rooted in psychological research and clinical theories, Break Free from Family Drama is an appealing and empowering solution-focused approach. This book will help you understand deep-rooted family issues and finally find freedom and peace within relationships.

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Mar, 2023

Feb, 2023
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