Romans: A Theological and Pastoral Commentary

"Above all, Romans is a letter about Spirit-enabled participation and transformation in Christ and his story, and thus in the mission of God in the world." This commentary engages the letter to the Romans as Christian scripture and highlights the Pauline themes for which Michael Gorman is best known--participation and transformation, cruciformity and new life, peace and justice, community and mission. With extensive introductions both to the apostle Paul and to the letter itself, Gorman provides the needed background on Paul's first-century context before proceeding into the rich theological landscape of the biblical text. In line with Paul's focus on Christian living, Gorman interprets Romans at a consistently practical level, highlighting the letter's significance for Christian theology, for daily life, and for pastoral ministry. Questions for reflection and sidebars on important concepts make this especially useful for those preparing to preach or teach from Romans--the "epistle of life," as Gorman calls it, for its extraordinary promise that, through faith, we "might walk in newness of life" with Christ.

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