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The promise of MP3 -- CD-quality sound over the Internet -- is shaking up the music industry! Whether you want to download songs directly from musicians, broadcast your own radio station over the Web, or store an infinite personal collection of songs on your computer, MP3 is bound to change your relationship with music. For musicians and music lover alike, MP3 For Dummies contains . . . A glossary of terms that explains technical language in real English A step-by-step guide to make your computer MP3-compliant A handy directory to where all those MP3 songs are stored on the Internet A how-to guide to turn your desktop computer into a high fi sound system using your home stereo Instructions to make MP3s from your own music collection An explanation of how to create and record compositions and then transform them into professional-quality MP3s Information about uploading files you create to MP3 sites Included with your MP3 For Dummies is a CD-ROM starter kit that includes Shareware versions of MusicMatch Jukebox and Winamp as well as a trial version of SoundJam MP and live links to MP3 sites.

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May, 2001

Nov, 1999

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