Daniel Boone

In Ill-Gotten Gains , Leo Katz describes the underlying principles that not only guide the law but also moral decisions. Mixing wit with insight, anecdotes with analysis, Katz uncovers what is really at stake in crimes such as insider trading, blackmail, and plagiarism. With its startling conclusions and myriad twists, this book will fascinate all those intrigued by the perplexing relationship between morality and law. "An ambitious and well-written book of legal and moral theory to overthrow both utilitarianism and its cousin, the economic approach to law."Richard A. Posner, New Republic "A good, well-written book full of interesting examples." Library Journal "[An] elegant defense of circumvention and subterfuge . . . a heroically counterintuitive book."Malcolm Gladwell, New Yorker

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Canada Mar, 2006

Sep, 2002

Aug, 2000

United States Jan, 1992

Feb, 1988

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