Visions in Death

In Death #19

The summer had been long hot and bloody. Fall, with its cooler temperatures was coming. Maybe people wouldn't be as inclined to kill each other. But she doubted it.' Eve Dallas' latest homicide case is a particularly vicious case. A young mother, Elisa Maplewood, is found raped and strangled in the park, her body naked but for what appears to be a red ribbon tied around her neck. As Eve starts investigating Elisa's friends and relations, an offer of help comes from an unlikely source. The only reason Eve agrees to meet with psychic Celina Sanchez is that she is a friend of a friend. But Celina claims to have experienced visions of the killer and can recite precise details of the case - details that the police have kept to themselves. She is also no glory-hunter - she doesn't want her name released to the media. Haunted by the visions of death that she sees, all she wants to do is help Eve catch the criminal so that she is left in peace. Though Eve remains sceptical of Celina's abilities, she serves the greater good, and she will use all the resources she can to track down the killer before he strikes again....

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