A memoir may differ from a simple biography or autobiography by not focusing on the author as the primary subject matter, but on people and events in the subject's life. Emphasis is placed on personal observations about external events.

Cover Art for 9780062217219, Waiting to Be Heard by Amanda Knox
Cover Art for 9781788401999, Clothes... and Other Things That Matter by Alexandra Shulman
Cover Art for 9781760525903, A Repurposed Life by Ronni Kahn
Cover Art for 9781760980436, Kika & Me by Amit Patel

Kika & Me

How One Extraordinary Guide Dog Changed My World

by Amit Patel

Cover Art for 9780241500996, Taste: My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci
Cover Art for 9781789463361, Pure Narco by Luis Navia and Jesse Fink

Pure Narco

One Man's True Story of 25 Years Inside the Cartels

by Luis Navia and Jesse Fink

Cover Art for 9781922400666, No Apologies by Sharni Layton
Cover Art for 9780358566052, The Redemption of Bobby Love: A Story of Faith, Family, and Justice by Bobby Love, Cheryl Love
Cover Art for 9781641120241, Authentic by Paul Van Doren


A Memoir by the Founder of Vans

by Paul Van Doren

Cover Art for 9781783254392, Things I Learned from Falling by Claire Nelson
Cover Art for 9781800750296, Bring Back Our Girls by Joe Parkinson

Bring Back Our Girls

The Astonishing Untold Story of the Survival and Rescue of Nigeria's Missing Schoolgirls

by Joe Parkinson

Cover Art for 9781509896127, I Wanna Be Yours by John Cooper Clarke
Cover Art for 9781472986375, Coming Clean: A True Story of Love, Addiction and Recovery by Liz Fraser
Cover Art for 9781760859978, The Storyteller by Dave Grohl

The Storyteller

Tales of Life and Music

by Dave Grohl

Cover Art for 9780008472528, Becoming Forrest: One man's epic run across America by Rob Pope
Cover Art for 9780593184905, Please Don't Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes: Essays by Phoebe Robinson
Cover Art for 9781788703987, The Audacity by Katherine Ryan
Cover Art for 9781760877187, How We Love: Notes on a life by Clementine Ford
Cover Art for 9781529064131, Maybe I Don't Belong Here: A Memoir of Race, Identity, Breakdown and Recovery by David Harewood

Maybe I Don't Belong Here

A Memoir of Race, Identity, Breakdown and Recovery

by David Harewood

Cover Art for 9780733647352, Blessed: The Breakout Year of Rampaging Roy Slaven by John Doyle
Cover Art for 9780306874529, The Great Peace: A Memoir by Mena Suvari
Cover Art for 9781471198755, Invention: A Life by James Dyson
Cover Art for 9781635901535, No. 91/92: A Diary of a Year on the Bus by Lauren Elkin
Cover Art for 9780306874505, The Great Peace by Mena Suvari