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The Sumner family can read the signs: the droughts and floods, the blighted crops, the shortages, the rampant diseases and plagues and above all, the increasingly sterility all point to one thing. Their isolated farm in the Appalachian Mountains gives them the ideal place to survive the coming breakdown and their wealth and know-how gives them the means; men and women must clone themselves for humanity to survive. But what then?
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Part memoir, part master class by one of the bestselling authors of all time, this superb volume is a revealing and practical view of the writer's craft, comprising the basic tools of the trade every writer must have. King's advice is grounded in the vivid memories from childhood through his emergence as a writer, from his struggling early career to his widely reported, near-fatal accident in 1999 - and how the inextricable link between writing and living spurred his recovery. There is a reason why Stephen King is one of the bestselling writers in the world, ever. Described in the Guardian as 'the most remarkable storyteller in modern American literature', Stephen King writes books that draw you in and are impossible to put down.
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Give your story a solid foundation - a plot that engages readers from start to finish! The best stories linger in the hearts and minds of readers for decades. These tales gain their power through plots that connect with the audience on both an emotional and intellectual level. Inside Ronald B. Tobias details these 20 time-tested plots. Each is discussed and analysed, illustrating how a successful plot integrates all the elements of a story. Tobias then shows you how to use these plots effectively in your own work. Tobias then goes to the next level, showing you how to choose and develop plot in fiction. He shows you how to craft plot for any subject matter, so that you develop your work evenly and effectively. As a result, your fiction will be more cohesive and convincing, making your story unforgettable for readers everywhere. ""Plot isn't an accessory that conveniently organises your material according to some ritualistic magic. You don't just plug in plot like a household appliance and expect it to do its job. Plot is organic. It takes hold of the writer and the work from the beginning."" Ronald Tobias | Looking at 20 plot patterns, this title helps readers apply these plots to their own work. It also helps readers learn how to choose and develop plots, regardless of subject matter.
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Is this the right book for you? Take the SLIME TEST and find out. - Have you ever wondered where ideas come from and how stories are made? - Would you like to know the true stories behind some of Andy and Terry's books and characters? - Would you like to discover 45 great ways to have fun with words and pictures? SCORE: If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this is definitely the right book for you! If you answered NO to all of these questions then you are an IDIOT and this is DEFINITELY the right book for you! Crammed full of examples from Andy and Terry's bestselling books, Once upon a Slime is designed to inspire you to have as much fun playing with ideas, words and drawings as Andy and Terry do when they get together to create their crazy cartoons, ridiculous rhymes, silly stories, comic novels and stupid guide books. - Would you like to know the true stories behind some of Andy and Terry's books and characters? - Are you looking for simple, practical and inspiring writing activities? - Would you like to discover 45 great ways to have fun with words and pictures? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this is definitely the right book for you! Designed for teachers, students and young aspiring writers, Once Upon a Slime contains 45 fun writing and storytelling activities, such as lists, instructions, cartoons, personal stories, poems and pocket books. Examples from Andy and Terry's books are used throughout to demonstrate techniques and to inspire readers to have as much fun playing with ideas, words and pictures as Andy and Terry do when they get together to create their crazy books.
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This is Stephen Hawking's updated, expanded and illustrated edition of his celebrated work which includes the most recent developments in the field, many of which were forecast by him. At the same time, he explains his complex theories through a fresh visual dimension. Over one hunded and fifty stunning colour illustrations have been specially commissioned for this purpose to help the reader understand what have become popular mythic images of our century, but which nonetheless remain difficult, abstract ideas to grasp. It includes a new introduction written specially for this edition.
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Visual Guide to First Aid for First Responders is an important resource in areas where language barriers exist. This guide allows the responder to speak simplified phonetic phrases (in six languages) to guide the victim to select images to indicate the nature, location and severity of their injuries. Developed by NASAR's education division in collaboration with Waterford Press, this waterproof, folding pocket guide is a valuable, portable tool for police, paramedics, search and rescue professionals and all first responders. Made in the USA.
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For the many amateurs and professionals who write about themselves - bloggers, journal-keepers, aspiring essayists and memoirists - this book offers inspiration, encouragement and pithy, practical advice. Twenty of America's bestselling memoirists share their innermost thoughts and hard-earned tips with veteran author Meredith Maran, revealing what drives them to tell their personal stories, and the nuts and bolts of how they do it. With contributions from Edwidge Danticatt, A.M. Homes, Sue Monk Kidd, Edmund White and many more.
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Great children's and young adult novels offer their readers both wonderful outward adventures and stirring inward journeys. In The Magic Words, Cheryl B. Klein draws on fifteen years of experience as an editor to guide writers on an enjoyable and practical-minded voyage of their own. She provides a complete overview of the writing, editing, and publication processes, from developing a salable premise for a novel to querying your dream agent. She also explains the differences in content and approach for middle-grade vs. young adult novels, and she discusses vital contemporary topics in the field like self-publishing, world-building, and creating diverse characters. The book delves deep into the major elements of fiction-intention, character, plot, and style-while its original exercises, thought-provoking questions, and solid rules of thumb help writers apply its insights to their individual creative work. With its generous tone and useful tools for story analysis and revision, The Magic Words will be an essential handbook for writers of children's and young adult fiction.