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Witness protection has a protocol for dealing with every situation--except magic. Cate's life has been monitored since her new identity was created five years ago. She's spent countless hours learning how to deal with potential threats and dangerous situations. None of which is any use when everyone around her is suddenly frozen like statues at the bus stop. As she attempts to make sense of the frightening scene, a mysterious group of teenagers appears out of thin air. They are intrigued she's not affected, but focus on completing their deadly mission, using baffling powers before they vanish again. When the group seeks her out the next day, Cate is drawn into a world filled with sorcery and time travel. After she accidentally brings a cheerleader back from the dead, her incredible powers are revealed. Cate is shocked to discover she has a pivotal role to play in a centuries-old battle between two mortal enemies which threatens to destroy her entire world. With the distinction between good and evil blurred, she's faced with the choice of which side to join. Cate can save her family or protect thousands from death. She can't do both. Will she risk destroying innocent lives to save the ones she loves?

It's a Baby Flying Fox! (9781604535754)

by ( Aug, 2009 )
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Morse's publication is an idea book par excellence. … Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings is likely to continue to be a valued resource for some time to come."—David and Michiko YoungFirst published in 1886, this classic review of the Japanese house and garden remains an authoritative description of the architecture of the traditional Japanese home. The work of Edward S. Morse, a groundbreaking and imaginative inventor, academic, author and museum curator, this edition of Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings features an introduction by David and Michiko Young placing the book in its historical context and explaining its continued relevance.Containing over 300 detailed illustrations and revealing important historical and cultural sources, Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings is a time-tested resource for architects and landscape designers alike. Chapters include:House ConstructionCarpenters' Tools and AppliancesCity and Country HousesTearoomsPortable ScreensHousehold ShrinesVestibule and HallFlowersBridgesViews of Private GardensHouses of the Aino

House of Dreams (9780763660574)

The Life of L. M. Montgomery

by ( Jun, 2018 )
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An affecting biography of the author of Anne of Green Gables is the first for young readers to include revelations about her last days and to encompass the complexity of a brilliant and sometimes troubled life. Once upon a time, there was a girl named Maud who adored stories. When she was fourteen years old, Maud wrote in her journal, "I love books. I hope when I grow up to be able to have lots of them." Not only did Maud grow up to own lots of books, she wrote twenty-four of them herself as L. M. Montgomery, the world-renowned author of Anne of Green Gables. For many years, not a great deal was known about Maud's personal life. Her childhood was spent with strict, undemonstrative grandparents, and her reflections on writing, her lifelong struggles with anxiety and depression, her "year of mad passion," and her difficult married life remained locked away, buried deep within her unpublished personal journals. Through this revealing and deeply moving biography, kindred spirits of all ages who, like Maud, never gave up "the substance of things hoped for" will be captivated anew by the words of this remarkable woman.

Lucia (9781910296882)

by ( Jun, 2018 )

Prevent Teach Reinforce (9781598570151)

The school-based model of individualized positive behavior support

by ( Sep, 2009 )
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Solve serious behavior challenges in K 8 classrooms with this easy-to-use book, the first practical guide to the research-proven Prevent-Teach-Reinforce (PTR) model. Developed by some of the most respected authorities on positive behavior support, this innovative model gives school-based teams a five-step plan for reducing problems unresolved by typical behavior management strategies. With this thorough blueprint for PTR, education professionals will learn how to prevent behavior problems by adjusting the curriculum and environment; teach proactive communication skills; and reinforce prosocial behavior and academic achievement. This highly successful model is proven effective by research and field testing in real classrooms PTR was shown to reduce behavior problems and increase evidence of social skills and academic engagement detailed and explicit, with five systematic steps that take educators beyond tips and strategies (see below) consistent with the popular positive behavior support approach and derived from the principles and many procedures of applied behavior analysiseasily adaptable to the needs and goals of each individual student effective for a wide variety of students typically developing students and those who have autism, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, and other challenges On the included CD-ROM are all the printable forms and tools needed to implement PTR, such as Behavior Support Plan templates and a Funct

Outback Mates (9780733338618)

by ( Sep, 2017 )
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A celebration of outback Australia and the bonds of friendship that are forged living and working on the land. In March 2013, Dan McIntosh launched the Facebook page Station Photos simply to share his photos of life on the land with friends and family. Fast-forward to 2017 and the page has gathered an immense and diverse community of more than 117,000 Australians who participate daily in the joy of sharing beautiful pictures of the Aussie outback lifestyle. Dan, who was a station cook for many years and now works as a station gardener, enjoys telling the stories of many hard-working rural Australians through his photography. In 2014, Dan published his first book, Outback Stations. The book was a bestseller, featuring photos taken by real people of the things that make them laugh (and cry), the land they love, their kids, their animals. This new book, Outback Mates, is an intimate portrait of a place where people are few and far between, but friendships are as close as can be. Inspired by a competition on the Station Photos page, Outback Mates showcases the simple beauty of friendships, and how important mateship is in rural communities. The response from the Station Photos followers was tremendous – and the very best of the images are featured in this book.

Wild Sourdough (9781741107449)

by ( Oct, 2009 )
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We have to thank the ancient Egyptians for the sourdough bread we know today. "Wild Sourdough" is a hands-on and highly practical guide to sourdough bread-making at home. With more than 45 easy-to-follow sourdough recipes, written specifically for home-bakers, "Wild Sourdough" invites you to go back to basics, using flour, water and salt then add in feta, walnuts, dried fruit or figs to create your own unique loaf. It uses natural fermentation techniques to create simple, wholesome and preservative-free, sourdough bread. "Wild Sourdough" boasts over 50 mouth-watering recipes, including: Crusty Semolina Sourdough; Pain au Levain; Black Rice Sourdough Ciabatta; Sourdough Pain de Mie; Qunioa Spelt Sourdough; Haloumi and Mint Sourdough; Sweet Potato and cheddar Sourdough; Potato, Oilve and Sage Sourdough; Walnut Sourdough; Feta and Chilli Sourdough; Bitter Chocolate, Cranberry and Pistachion Spelt Sourdough; Currant, Orange Candied Peel and Fennel Rye Bread; Sourdough Turkish Bread; Authentic Sourdough Boiled Bagels; Sourdough Chocolate Cake or Cupcakes Ices with Dark Chocolate Ganache; and, Sourdough Christmas Cake.
"This work of reference on Victorian fiction captures the full range and depth of the Victorian novel. With over 900 biographical entries, more than 600 novels synopsied, and a wealth of background material on the publishers, reviewers, and readers of the age, the Longman Companion to Victorian Fiction is the fullest account of the period's fiction every published. Now in a second edition, the book has been revised and enlarged, and a generous selection of images have been included to illustrate various aspects of the Victorian publishing, writing, reviewing and reading worlds. In its totality, this is the most complete anatomy of this richest of literary fields currently available."--BOOK JACKET.
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In Happy Food, Bettina Campolucci Bordi shares a collection of easy and delicious plant-based recipes that anyone can incorporate into their busy life. Whether you're looking to eat more veggies or have decided to turn vegan but don't want to compromise on taste, this is the book for you. Bettina's philosophies are simple: she believes that food is meant to make you happy! Whether it's love at first sight because a dish looks so colourful and delicious, or at the first hit of flavours when they burst into your mouth, everything you eat should put a smile on your face. With recipes including Hearty Buckwheat Waffles, a tasty Korean Pancake, a delicious yet quick One Pot Curry in a Hurry, and the decadent Hazelnut Bites, Bettina proves that nutritious food doesn't have to be restrictive. Happy Food is designed to take you through your busy day by including ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, meals for one, desserts and snacks, and will easily meet the needs of any modern household. Bettina is also a firm believer that meat-free food doesn't have to cost the earth - you'll find recipes containing ingredients that can easily be sourced from your local supermarket, and she even uses white potatoes! Her passion and expertise lies in how to use everyday ingredients, and she makes them tasty in the simplest possible way. There's an opening chapter on plant-based building blocks - such as nut milks, basic methods, and home-made bread - but the joy of Bettina's cooking is that if you are time-poor, she encourages you to buy a good-quality store-bought versions of these instead: her message is that you can still have a nutritious and tasty meal, even if you do incorporate a few shortcuts. Inspired by food from the countries where Bettina has lived and worked - Tanzania, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria - this is vegan food to make you smile!

Non-Adversarial Justice (9781862879744)

by ( Aug, 2014 )
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This book outlines key aspects of the use of non-adversarial practices in the Australian justice system with reference to similar developments in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom It examines in detail non-adversarial theories and practices such as therapeutic jurisprudence, restorative justice, preventive law, creative problem solving, holistic law, appropriate or alternative dispute resolution, collaborative law, problem-oriented courts, diversion programs, indigenous courts, coroners courts and managerial and administrative procedures. It identifies the common themes, values and principles that bring these disparate theories and practices together and explicates them for practitioners, courts and students. It examines the implications of these changes for legal practice, the courts and legal education. This second edition discusses recent developments in non-adversarial justice that have seen the expansion of therapeutic jurisprudence into new areas of the law and changes in judicial practices, the expanding use of restorative justice and the waxing and waning of problem-oriented courts across Australia.It provides up-to-date information about the increasing number of evaluations of non-adversarial programs and the changing nature of legal and professional education in the light of these new theories and practices.
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Earth's Mightiest Heroes have put out a call for new members and into their ranks come the Beast, Hellcat and Moondragon. With the return of Captain America, Yellowjacket and the Wasp it makes for one of the greatest Avengers teams of all time! And they're going to need every last one of them to overcome the challenges ahead. The cosmic Stranger attacks and in the battle the Wasp is critically injured and the Avengers must save one of their own while struggling to save themselves. Then comes one of the greatest Avengers sagas of all ti me! In a time-travelling adventure they'll team with the Marvel heroes of the old West in a fight to overcome Kang and the Squadron Sinister! COLLECTING: AVENGERS (1963) 136-149; MARVEL TREASURY EDITION (1974) 7
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Here is an approach to living with chronic pain unlike any you’ve seen before, one that breaks through pain to help you live the rich and full life you deserve. Based on acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), one of the most promising and fastest growing psychotherapies in use today, this book breaks with conventional notions of pain management, the traditional "feel good" approaches—including the use of pain-killing medication—that work to prevent painful sensations.But the ACT approach to living with pain is different. It helps you recognize pain as an event in your life that doesn’t need to interfere with the way you live. In fact, attempts to avoid pain can often cause more harm than good, both to your body and to your peace of mind. By accepting and learning to live with pain, you can limit the control it exerts over your life. Mindfulness exercises, in particular, can help you transform pain from a life-defining preoccupation to a simple experience. From this strong position, you can make choices that will lead you to the life you’ve always wanted. Committed action is the way to make it happen.Use this step-by-step program to: Discover why painkillers are not the answer Clarify what you value and how you want to live your life Stop your thoughts from holding you back Develop mindfulness skills to keep pain in perspective Commit to meaningful actions that lead to richer, more ful

Monty Python Fluxx (9781929780693)

by ( Oct, 2010 )
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If Fluxx wasn't confusing and strange enough, now the Pythons have gotten involved with the proceedings and made it even more hysterical. Monty Python Fluxx now includes singing, fake accents, reciting Python dialog for extra cards, and pretty much everything else, short of farting in your general direction. (It is, after all, a game for the whole family.) Loosely based on concepts from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Humorous, extremely replayable Card game Fluxx has arrived in the world of Monty Python Playing Time: 5-30 mins Ages 8 2-6 Players
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Doctor Who Fluxx takes Fluxx through Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Join with various regenerations of the Doctor, some companions, Gallifreyan tech, and K-9 (but beware of Cybermen, Daleks, Weeping Angels, and the Master) and play the most ever-changingest, timey-wimey version of Fluxx ever created. Doctor Who Fluxx: you'll play it time after time after time after time... Ages 8+ Players 2 - 6 5 - 30 minutes
A bluebird dreams of her long lost love. A family of bees gather to enjoy bread and honey. Two cats, attired in evening-wear, dance on a rooftop below a full moon... The much-loved animal fantasy illustrations of Victorian artist J.J. Grandville take on new life in this glorious and uniquely beautiful tarot. The fully-illustrated, full-color 78-card deck features a magical cast of anthropomorphic figures. The deck follows the well-known Rider Waite Smith pattern, and is easy to read, evocative and witty. There is also a delightful companion book by Sophie Nussle, which includes keywords for beginners and detailed ideas and new spreads to stimulate more experienced readers. The book also features sample readings by Paula Goodman Wilder, singer with the San Francisco opera and well known in the tarot community for her melodramatic, irreverent but oh-so-accurate reading style. All in all a tarot deck that's not only beautiful, but has its own wickedly funny flair.
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Rebecca Vandoodewaard of The Christian Pundit blogsite gives Biblical advice for women who are in a relationship, who wish to be in a relationship, or who struggle in an imperfect marriage by addressing the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and relational effects of intimacy and answering questions for the single or married such as: Where does love fit in? and, How do I fit in?
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Winner of a 2004 ECPA Gold Medallion Award Winner of an Award of Excellence in the 2003 Chicago Book Clinic What is real? What is truth? What can we know? What should we believe? What should we do and why? Is there a God? Can we know him? Do Christian doctrines make sense? Can we believe in God in the face of evil? These are fundamental questions that any thinking person wants answers to. These are questions that philosophy addresses. And the answers we give to these kinds of questions serve as the the foundation stones for consrtucting any kind of worldview. In Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview J.P. Moreland and William Lane Craig offer a comprehensive introduction to philosophy from a Christian perspective. In their broad sweep they seek to introduce readers to the principal subdisciplines of philosophy, including epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of science, ethics and philosophy of religion. They do so with characteristic clarity and incisiveness. Arguments are clearly outlined, and rival theories are presented with fairness and accuracy. Philosophy, they contend, aids Christians in the tasks of apologetics, polemics and systematic theology. It reflects our having been made in the image of God, helps us to extend biblical teaching into areas not expressly addressed in Scripture, facilitates the spiritual discipline of study, enhances the boldness and self-image of the Christian community, and is requisite to the essential task of integrating faith an
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Heal your metabolism and lose weight fast with The Keto Paleo Kitchen. These 80 recipes are designed to shift your fat, carb and protein ratios so you are eating a Paleo diet, but with Keto ratios. The focus is to create a diet that’s 65-70% fat, 25% protein and 10% carbs to maximize fat burn and get the weight off in a good way but fast. A member of our respected Paleo program as well as a high profile member of the large Paleo community, Vivica Menegaz designed and uses this program with her patients as a sustainable way of eating for health and long-term weight loss. Dairy-free and with no processed ingredients, she teaches readers how to combine their ratios to keep carbs under a certain limit and avoid allergens, all with easy recipes and meal plans. Vivica even includes Basics for making your favorite recipes Keto Paleo friendly. Start and lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle today! This book features 80 delicious recipes and 60 mouth-watering photos.

Falafel for Breakfast (9781743364444)

Modern Middle Eastern Recipes for the Shared Table from Kepos Street Food

by ( Oct, 2015 )
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Israeli-born chef Michael Rantissi and his partner and 'balaboosta' Aussie girl Kristy Frawley have drilled down to what we all love about the ingredients and flavours of the Middle East - grains and greens, generosity, pungency, sweetness, sharing. This is food that brings everyone to the table, and won't let them leave. Michael puts ingredients first and foremost, opening the door to our greater understanding and appreciation of the Middle East's hidden treasures --- tahini, baharat, halva, chickpeas, labneh, eggplant, honey, pomegranate, amba, dates, broad beans, pistachios, wild greens, ancient grains. The recipes go from basics like hummus, aioli and falafel, to Persian eggplant risotto, Cauliflower, cranberry and pearl barley salad, Harissa-braised lamb with okra. To finish, are the pastries, breads and syrup-laden cakes that turn a meal into a feast - Chocolate and pistachio baklava, Date and dukkah brownies, Persian pavlova. Living in multicultural Sydney, he says, has helped him lighten and brighten traditional recipes, without ever losing sight of their origins and traditions.'If my mother knew I was serving falafel for breakfast - and people were loving it - she would be amazed,' he says. A much-lauded home cook, Kristy adds those all-important pastries, breads and syrup-laden cakes that turn a meal into a feast, any time of the day or night.
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This stylish and unique Moomin colouring book features original artwork from the coveted archive of Tove Jansson, creator of the Moomins; one of the most cherished children's book series ever written. Beautifully conceived and designed, this contemporary colouring book features striking patterns and scenes as well as all your favourite Moomin characters and their most memorable quotes. The perfect gift for Moomin fans of all ages
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This book provides discussion and exercises for the use of three-note voicings in jazz guitar. The book also includes some four and five-note voicings. Includes chapters on shell voicings, walking guitar, triad pairs, quartal and secundal harmony, and more. With an introduction.
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Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game is a tactical ship-to-ship combat game in which players take control of powerful Rebel X-wings and nimble Imperial TIE fighters, facing them against each other in fast-paced space combat. Featuring stunningly detailed and painted miniatures, the X-Wing Miniatures Game recreates exciting Star Wars space combat throughout its several included scenarios. Select your crew, plan your maneuvers, and complete your mission!  The Star Wars X-Wing starter set includes everything you need to begin your battles, such as scenarios, cards, and fully assembled and painted ships. What's more, Star Wars: X-Wing's quick-to-learn ruleset establishes the foundation for a system that can be expanded with your favorite ships and characters from the Star Wars universe. Age 14+ Players 2 Play Time: 20+ Mins
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Thoroughly revised and featuring a more efficient and streamlined design, the new 7th edition of Sheehy's trusted emergency care resource offers complete, up-to-date coverage of the essentials emergency nurses need to know. Each condition commonly seen in the emergency setting is thoroughly addressed, from signs and symptoms, to diagnosis, treatment, developmental considerations, patient education, and more. Updated material and easy-to-reference contents make this resource a must-have for current practice.
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The new 6th edition of Sheehy's trusted emergency care resource - now developed in conjunction with the Emergency Nurses Association - features complete coverage of the essentials emergency nurses need to know. Important discussions focus on basic and advanced life support, intravenous therapy, medical emergencies, trauma emergencies, and emergency care for special populations. Each condition commonly seen in the emergency setting is thoroughly addressed, from signs and symptoms, to diagnosis, treatment, developmental considerations, patient education, and more. New chapters and updated material make this resource a must-have for current practice. Complete, up-to-date, practical information is essential for both clinical practitioners and nursing students. Thorough discussions of each condition include signs and symptoms, diagnosis/diagnostic testing, treatment/interventions, age/developmental considerations, and patient/family education/discharge instructions. Compact, portable size makes it ideal for on-the-spot reference in any setting. Developed in conjunction with the Emergency Nurses Association, featuring expert contributions from respected emergency personnel. 13 new chapters cover: Communication in the Emergency Department Cultural Diversity Intrafacility and Interfacility Patient Transport Emergency Operations Preparedness Triage Patient Assessment Weapons of Mass Destruction Pain Management End of Life Issues for the Emergency Nurse Complementary and Alternative Th

Good To Great (9780712676090)

by ( Oct, 2001 )
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Why Some Companies Make the Leap . . . and Others Don't. The best-selling 'Built To Last' answered the question of what it takes to build an enduring great company from the ground up. 'Good To Great' answers an even more compelling question: "Can a good company become a great company and, if so, how?" After a five-year research project, Collins concludes that good to great can and does happen. In this book, he uncovers the underlying variables that enable any type of organisation to make the leap from good to great while other organisations remain only good. Rigorously supported by evidence, his findings are surprising - at times even shocking - to the modern mind. 'Good To Great' achieves a rare distinction: a management book full of vital ideas that reads as well as a fast-paced novel. Contents cover: - The scope of the project - The type of leader required, humble and ferocious - How companies set the foundation for their shift from good to great - The duality that leads to greatness - How to find the one big thing your company must focus on - The magical alchemy of great performance - Technology is a trap, unless used right - How to build sustained momentum and avoid the "new regime, new revolution" doom loop - How to take a company from great to enduring great

The Helen 100 (9781743318287)

by ( Feb, 2017 )
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Subtitle: How I Took My Waxer's Advice And Cured Heartbreak By Going On 100 Dates In Less Than A Year According to her range of dating profiles, Helen Razer was a 41-, 43-, or maybe 44-year-old woman. According to this book, she was heartbroken enough to require a crack team of doctors. But there is no hospital for the freshly deceived. Instead, there's The Helen 100. One dry Melbourne summer afternoon, Helen's partner of fifteen years announced without warning that she 'needed to grow', and left in the Toyota. Helen remained in her pyjamas, ordering barbecue chicken, and crying on her cat. After two days of disclosing her foulest thoughts on a XXX app, quitting her terrible job, and receiving bad advice from her discount shrink, she cried again; this time on her beauty therapist, who dared her to go on 100 dates inside a year. Razer agrees to date 100 people, stopping only if she finds one who likes the smell of chicken.
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Very hot and sexy mature women on lots of hi-res photos in this adult picture eBook. Enjoy the beauty and kinkyness of mature women knowing exactly, what they want showing their boobs and busty erotic bodies naked. If you like mature women you find the right series with this adult photo ebook series. Over 150 premium Sexphotos!
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The complete guide to marketing for restaurant managers How do I market my restaurant to prospective customers? Do loyalty programs really work? How do I communicate with my local newspaper to get the biggest "bang" for my marketing buck? By providing specific tools and methods tying marketing theory to practice, this concise, easy-to-use book provides restaurant and foodservice managers with answers to these marketing questions and many more. Part of the Restaurant Basics Series, this hands-on resource offers a variety of material that is applicable to the day-to-day operation of a foodservice business, including strategies linking the location and design of a restaurant with its menu and pricing, as well as guidance on how to imple-ment a marketing plan and budget.
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Zombie has discovered some new and amazing creatures in the Minecraft world called Pixelmon! Except the Pixelmon will have to wait because Zombie has a tonne of chores and his parents are holding his most prized possessions, cake and video games, hostage! But something is very wrong: little by little the Pixelmon are disappearing from the Minecraft world and nobody seems to know why. The chores (and cake) will have to be put aside until Zombie can solve this mystery. Can Zombie, Steve and their Minecraft friends save the adorable, little Pixelmon from complete extinction? Or will they get into even more wacky trouble and adventures than ever before?

Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS (9780552172882)

by ( Jun, 2016 )
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In a thrilling dramatic narrative, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Joby Warrick traces how the strain of militant Islam behind ISIS first arose in a remote Jordanian prison and spread to become the world's greatest threat. When the government of Jordan granted amnesty to a group of political prisoners in 1999, it little realized that among them was Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a terrorist mastermind and soon the architect of an Islamist movement bent on dominating the Middle East. In Black Flags, an unprecedented character-driven account of the rise of ISIS, Joby Warrick shows how the zeal of this one man and the strategic mistakes of Western governments led to the banner of ISIS being raised over huge swathes of Syria and Iraq. Zarqawi began by directing terror attacks from a base in northern Iraq, but it was the allied invasion in 2003 that catapulted him to the head of a vast insurgency. By falsely identifying him as the link between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, Western officials inadvertently spurred like-minded radicals to rally to his cause. Their wave of brutal beheadings and suicide bombings persisted until American and Jordanian intellig

Ordinary Men (9780141000428)

Reserve Police Battalion 11 and the Final Solution in Poland

by ( Jun, 2001 )
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Ordinary Men has been admired all over the world and is now published in the UK for the first time. It takes as its basis the detailed records of one squad from the Nazis' extermination groups and explores in detail its composition, its actions, andthe methods by which it was trained to perform acts of genocide on an industrial scale. He introduces us to cheerful, friendly, ordinary men who killed without hesitation or apparent remorse for years on end, in docile obedience to an authority theyhappily accepted as legitimate. It is a valuable corrective to the idea of German uniqueness and offers a much more chilling picture of human beings as avidly suggestible and desperate for an organising purpose in their lives, however disgusting.

The Barefoot Investor (9780730324218)

The Only Money Guide You'll Ever Need

by ( Sep, 2016 )
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This is the only money guide you’ll ever need. That’s a bold claim, given there are already thousands of finance books on the shelves. So what makes this one different? Well, you won’t be overwhelmed with a bunch of ‘tips’ … or a strict budget (that you won’t follow). You’ll get a step-by-step formula: open this account, then do this; call this person, and say this; invest money here, and not there. All with a glass of wine in your hand. This book will show you how to create an entire financial plan that is so simple you can sketch it on the back of a serviette … and you’ll be able to manage your money in 10 minutes a week. You’ll also get the skinny on: • Saving up a six-figure house deposit in 20 months • Doubling your income using the ‘Trapeze Strategy’ • Saving $77,641 and wipe almost seven years off your mortgage • Finding a financial advisor who won’t rip you off • Handing your kids (or grandkids) a $140,000 cheque on their 21st birthday • Why you don’t need $1 million to retire … with the ‘Donald Bradman Retirement Strategy’. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. This book is full of stories from everyday Aussies — single people, young families, empty nesters, retirees — who have applied the simple steps in this book and achieved amazing, life-changing results. And you’re next. About the Author SCOTT PAPE is the Barefoot Investor. A fiercely independent investment advisor who, for over a decade, has reached millions of Australians through his newspaper columns, and on TV and radio. In 2014 he and his family lost everything in a bushfire...but what they did next—that's the real story.

Legacy (9781472103536)

by ( Feb, 2014 )
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Champions do extra. They sweep the sheds. They follow the spearhead. They keep a blue head. They are good ancestors. In Legacy, best-selling author James Kerr goes deep into the heart of the world's most successful sporting team, the legendary All Blacks of New Zealand, to reveal 15 powerful and practical lessons for leadership and business. Legacy is a unique, inspiring handbook for leaders in all fields, and asks: What are the secrets of success - sustained success? How do you achieve world-class standards, day after day, week after week, year after year? How do you handle pressure? How do you train to win at the highest level? What do you leave behind you after you're gone? What will be your legacy?
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Doctor Who Fluxx takes Fluxx through Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Join with various regenerations of the Doctor, some companions, Gallifreyan tech, and K-9 (but beware of Cybermen, Daleks, Weeping Angels, and the Master) and play the most ever-changingest, timey-wimey version of Fluxx ever created. Doctor Who Fluxx: you'll play it time after time after time after time... Ages 8+ Players 2 - 6 5 - 30 minutes
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Cambridge IELTS 10 contains four authentic IELTS past papers from Cambridge English Language Assessment, providing excellent exam practice. The Student's Book with answers allows students to familiarise themselves with IELTS and to practise examination techniques using authentic tests. It contains four complete tests for Academic candidates, plus extra Reading and Writing modules for General Training candidates. An introduction to these different modules is included in each book, together with an explanation of the scoring system used by Cambridge English Language Assessment. A comprehensive section of answers and tapescripts makes the material ideal for students working partly or entirely on their own. Downloadable audio contains the listening tests material. The Student's Book and Audio CDs are also available separately.
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The Bible re-written in gangsta slang. Read up on life n crucifizzle of Jizzle, creation of tha heavens n tha ghetto, Adam n Eve in tha weed garden of Eden, observing of Puff Puff Passover, Tower of Babel, n mo. Includes 2 books of old testizzle - Genesizzle n Exodizzle n 1 of new testizzle - Tha Dope News Accordin 2 Matthew. Chuuch. Preach. Tabernacle. Contains strong language.
Come on, grab your friends and play some Adventure Time Fluxx! Join Jake the dog and Finn the human for some ever changing fun. Draw a card, play a card and change the rules. Get Mathematical against Candy Zombies, visit the City of Thieves to steal from your friends, and maybe if things work out just right you might even get to Floop the Pig! It all begins with one basic rule: Draw one card, Play one card. You start with a hand of three cards..add the card you drew to your hand and then choose one card to play, following the directions written on your chosen card. As cards are drawn and played from the deck, the rules of the game change from how many cards are drawn, play or even how many cards you can hold at the end of your turn. Players 2-6 Ages 8+ Playing Time 10-30 minutes
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After their adventures on the high seas, Locke and Jean are brought back to earth with a thump. Jean is mourning the loss of his lover and Locke must live with the fallout of crossing the all-powerful magical assassins, the Bonds Magi.It is a fallout that will pit both men against Locke's own long-lost love. Sabetha is Locke's childhood sweetheart, the love of Locke's life and now it is time for them to meet again. Employed on different sides of a vicious dispute between factions of the Bonds, Sabetha has just one goal - to destroy Locke for ever.The Gentleman Bastard sequence has become a literary sensation in fantasy circles and now, with the third book, Scott Lynch is set to seal that success.

Promise Not to Tell (9780061827488)

A Novel

by ( Mar, 2009 )
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Forty-one-year-old school nurse Kate Cypher has returned home to rural Vermont to care for her mother who's afflicted with Alzheimer's. On the night she arrives, a young girl is murdered—a horrific crime that eerily mirrors another from Kate's childhood. Three decades earlier, her dirt-poor friend Del—shunned and derided by classmates as "Potato Girl"—was brutally slain. Del's killer was never found, while the victim has since achieved immortality in local legends and ghost stories. Now, as this new murder investigation draws Kate irresistibly in, her past and present collide in terrifying, unexpected ways. Because nothing is quite what it seems . . . and the grim specters of her youth are far from forgotten. More than just a murder mystery, Jennifer McMahon's extraordinary debut novel, Promise Not to Tell, is a story of friendship and family, devotion and betrayal—tautly written, deeply insightful, beautifully evocative, and utterly unforgettable.
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The Best Introduction to Object Orientated Programming. Packed with attention-grabbing graphics, illustrations, cartoons, and photos "Head First Objects" offers a complete introduction to Object-Oriented programming for experienced programmers new to the methodology and even those new to programming. The book builds knowledge in an engaging style that loads information in the reader's brain in a way that works. The latest research in cognitive science, neurobiology, and educational psychology shows that learning takes a lot more than just text on a page. Combining words and pictures not only helps readers understand a subject, but also to remember it. The book starts with the fundamentals and moves on cover the gamut of object-oriented concepts and design principles.

The Wise Man's Fear (9780575081413)

by ( Mar, 2011 )
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T superb, number 2 Sunday Times bestselling, sequel to THE NAME OF THE WIND.

Tarot of the Silicon Dawn (9788865270844)

by ( May, 2011 )
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Repertorisation is a very important tool in the process of case analysis, and the mental and general symptoms are at the center of this. The problem for present-day homeopaths is one of learning the Kentian approach to repertorisation and familiarisation with the vast text of Kent's repertory. Excellent for finding the repertory name and location of rubrics when you only know the usual name for the symptom. Also gives exact rubric meanings, derived from an 1884 Webster's Dictionary, and related rubrics.
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This stylish and unique Moomin colouring book features original artwork from the coveted archive of Tove Jansson, creator of the Moomins; one of the most cherished children's book series ever written. Beautifully conceived and designed, this contemporary colouring book features striking patterns and scenes as well as all your favourite Moomin characters and their most memorable quotes. The perfect gift for Moomin fans of all ages
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A little-known episode in North America's history, the 1839 Aroostook War was an undeclared war with no actual fighting. It had its roots in the 1793 Treaty of Paris, which ended the American Revolutionary War but left the border of Maine (then part of Massachusetts) and British North America unsettled, and in the War of 1812, when parts of northern Maine were occupied by Britain. Fearing a negotiated border would negatively affect their claim for the disputed territory, Maine occupied the Aroostook River valley in early 1839, British regulars, New Brunswick militia, and Maine militia were then deployed in the dead of winter, as the kindling was laid for a third major Anglo-American conflagration. Eventually, cooler heads prevailed, although they did not deter a number of skirmishes between the Maine Land Agent posses and a loosely organized group of New Brunswick lumbermen. A complex story of friction, greed, land grabs, and rivalry, this border dispute which nearly resulted in war was eventually settled by the Ashburton-Webster Treaty of 1842 and told by Campbell in The Aroostook War of 1839 .

Moomin: Bk. 1 (9781894937801)

by ( Oct, 2006 )
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Tove Jansson's Moomin stories are read and loved around the world, enjoying devoted attention in Japan, Europe and Jansson's native Scandinavia. Jansson's work is now seeing a further growth in popularity, with the Moomin chapter books republished in Britain and France, and new US editions released by FSG. The revival continues in North America with this new volume of comic strips from premium publishers Drawn & Quarterly. Originally published in London's Evening News, Jansson drew and wrote these strips in English. Written in the same period (1954-1960) as the chapter books Moominsummer Madness and Moominland Midwinter, these strips will entertain children with their familiar characters, while adult readers will appreciate their gentle wit and often satirical stance. This volume is the first in an anticipated five-volume set, and collects the four stories Brigands, Family Life, Moomin on the Riviera and Moomin's Desert Island.
A history and description of American house styles from colonial times through the present.
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This well-illustrated pocket guide covers the full range of critical care scenarios, listing each disorder, medication, test or device alphabetically by body system. Each entry supports the latest evidence-based nursing procedures and stabilization practices, all formatted in a convenient quick-read outline.

Baby Afghans (9781464706561)

by ( Jan, 2013 )
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5949 Baby Afghans Delight a new mom or grandmom with a soft afghan for Baby! The eight wraps offer varying degrees of warmth, so you can crochet the best blanket for the season. Two of the patterns also include sweet little booties. 8 designs for Easy to Intermediate skill levels, to make using light or medium weight yarns: Soft Zigzags by Carole Prior, Twirling Pinwheels by Carole Rutter Tippett, Granny's Love by Anne Halliday, Little Boy Blue and Precious in Pink (both with booties) by Mary Ann Sipes, Baby Love by Kay Meadors, Concentric Circles Wrap by Melissa Leapman, and Ripples of Joy by Rebecca Leigh. BONUS: Online technique videos.
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Epigenetics is the most exciting field in biology today, developing our understanding of how and why we inherit certain traits, develop diseases and age, and evolve as a species. This non-fiction comic book introduces us to genetics, cell biology and the fascinating science of epigenetics, which is rapidly filling in the gaps in our knowledge, allowing us to make huge advances in medicine. We'll look at what identical twins can teach us about the epigenetic effects of our environment and experiences, why certain genes are 'switched on' or off at various stages of embryonic development, and how scientists have reversed the specialization of cells to clone frogs from a single gut cell. In Introducing Epigenetics, Cath Ennis and Oliver Pugh pull apart the double helix, examining how the epigenetic building blocks and messengers that interpret and edit our genes help to make us, well, us.

Epigenetik: Ein Sachcomic (9783935254533)

by ( Apr, 2018 )
Source: Wikia. Pages: 45. Chapters: Butterick 2303, Butterick 3042 A, Butterick 3050, Butterick 3094, Butterick 3544, Butterick 3709, Butterick 4186 B, Butterick 4342, Butterick 4688, Butterick 4900 A, Butterick 5377, Butterick 5378 B, Butterick 5424 B, Butterick 6101, DuBarry 5615, Excella E4436, Hollywood 1343 A, McCall's 3504 A, McCall's 3635, McCall's 5067, McCall's 5425, McCall's 5544, McCall's 6825, McCall's 7951, McCall's 9606, McCall 9094, Simplicity 1333 B, Simplicity 2474, Simplicity 2588, Simplicity 2663, Simplicity 2666, Simplicity 2752, Simplicity 2802 A, Simplicity 2844 A, Simplicity 3013 B, Simplicity 3840 A, Simplicity 4146, Simplicity 4333, Simplicity 4602, Simplicity 4667, Simplicity 5059, Simplicity 5069, Simplicity 5518, Simplicity 5572, Simplicity 5597 A, Simplicity 5645 A, Simplicity 5650, Simplicity 5692, Simplicity 5696, Simplicity 5708 A, Simplicity 5970, Simplicity 6350, Simplicity 6398, Simplicity 6420, Simplicity 6905, Simplicity 6942, Simplicity 7091, Simplicity 7092, Simplicity 7334, Simplicity 7491, Simplicity 7499, Simplicity 7518, Simplicity 7527 A, Simplicity 7647, Simplicity 7958, Simplicity 8203, Simplicity 8754, Simplicity 8848, Simplicity 9406, Simplicity 9408, Simplicity 9417, Simplicity 9920 A, Simplicity 9928, Simplicity 9951, Simplicity 9966, Spadea 502B, Style 4057, Sunrise Designs C163, Vogue 1414 A, Vogue 1635 A, Vogue 7817, Vogue 8029 A, Vogue 8257, Vogue 8549, Vogue 8555, Vogue 9118, Vogue 9162, Vogue 9170, Vogue 9234, Vogue 9614, Vogue 9638 A, Vogue 9754, Vogue 9796. Excerpt: Girls' Tennis Dress with Bloomers. A.) Fitted bodice, button tab front, short set-in roll up sleeves, pressed pleated skirt, black-elasticized waistline, bloomers to match, self belt. B.) Sleeveless, unpressed pleated skirt, matching bloomers, self tie belt. C.) Shallow scoop neck, rick rack and novelty braid trim, self tie belt. Clutterina's Shop insert your photos of this pattern using the button below! Butterick 3042; c. 1970; Children's...
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Doctor Who Fluxx takes Fluxx through Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Join with various regenerations of the Doctor, some companions, Gallifreyan tech, and K-9 (but beware of Cybermen, Daleks, Weeping Angels, and the Master) and play the most ever-changingest, timey-wimey version of Fluxx ever created. Doctor Who Fluxx: you'll play it time after time after time after time... Ages 8+ Players 2 - 6 5 - 30 minutes
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This memoir, Bella and Chaim, is a flowing collage which embraces and mingles memory, historical record, fragments of the 1950s, real-time journal entries and musings on the light, dark, and potential, of being alive. The whole is a testament to the human spirit. For eighteen months from late 1943, Vidal’s parents lay in a small hole in the ground under a wood cutting machine in the backyard workshop of a retired Polish policeman in a suburb of occupied Warsaw. In claustrophobic dark, they waited while outside a world war raged. Their story is inspirational; it begins with life in Warsaw in loving families, transcends the catastrophic circumstances in which they meet, fall in love, are witness to the destruction of a way of life and the murder of their entire families, endure entombment, and concludes with liberation, and immigration to make a new life.