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Italian futurist Fortunato Depero's 1927 monograph Depero Futurista is universally recognized as a landmark avant-garde example of the 'book as object'. Filled with bold typographic experimentation, daring layouts and featuring work in nearly every artistic medium, it is widely known as The Bolted Book because it is famously bound together by two large industrial aluminium bolts. This new edition is the first exact copy of Depero's groundbreaking monograph produced since its original publication ninety years ago. This exact facsimile - featuring five types of paper and meticulously recreated bolts - includes a wealth of Depero's influential paintings, sculptures, textile and architectural designs, advertising work, wordplays, manifestos and reviews - any or all of which can be removed and displayed as individual pieces of art. The accompanying Reader's Guide explores the extraordinary legacy of the project, setting the book in its proper context and making it available as a source of inspiration for a new generation.
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According to The game looks like it will fall into the truth-or-dare genre, with a “phan” (the name for Dan and Phil fans) photo capturing the Truth Bombs insert that reads, “We hope you have fun playing and it doesn’t destroy your relationships.” Unfortunately, any accidental early releases seem to sell out as soon as they become available. Make sure you hit the Update Prices Now button below to get the latest data. Or do yourself a favour and create a price alert, so Booko will email you as soon as it finds this product for you!

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Für den Moment scheint die kleine Gruppe Überlebender um Polizist Rick Grimes eine sichere Zuflucht gefunden zu haben, doch die Lage bleibt gefährlich. Während immer gröBere Scharen Untoter die ehemalige Strafanstalt zu überrennen drohen, spitzt sich auch innerhalb der Zäune die Situation zu. Eine anstehende Geburt, Konflikte um Gesetz und Ordnung und dubiose Neuankömmlinge stellen den Zusammenhalt der Belagerten auf eine harte Probe, und es kommt zum offenen Schlagabtausch mit den früheren Insa