Volume VIIIThe New Civilization, Part II: Rites of Love

The New Civilization, Part II: Rites of Love

Cover Art for 9785906381484, Volume VIIIThe New Civilization, Part II: Rites of Love by Vladimir Megre
ISBN: 9785906381484
Publisher: ZVENYaShhIE KEDRY`
Published: 29 October, 2015
Format: Hardcover
Language: English

The New Civilization -- - Rites of Love" compares today's attitudes toward sex, childbirth, family and education with those of our forebears. Their depth of understanding may cause you to wonder when and how we lost this extraordinary knowledge. Anastasia assures us that it can be regained. Through the fascinating life-story of one family, Megre portrays the radiant world of the ancient Russian Vedic civilization, documents the drama of its destruction and then reveals its rebirth-millennia later-in our present time.


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